Welcomes you...


As soon as you arrive at the reception desk upstairs, Le Chat Noir is a delight... with its charming, spontaneous mood, relaxed style and friendly atmosphere. 
Our team is thrilled to share this special place with you.

Pamper yourself...

Far from the bustling world outside, l'Estaminet is the perfect place to take advantage of a lifestyle with bohemian charm; for breakfast, a midday pause to read the paper or a connected break anytime... Its calm, comfy atmosphere welcomes you all day long. 

Thanks to our gourmet mornings with an à la carte or quick breakfast, generous Mistrigri buffet or tasty Ministigri platter: there's something for everyone's rhythm. 

Mistigri Buffet_ 15 €
Espresso, capuccino, tea or hot chocolate, fruit juice, fresh baguettes, pastries, a variety of breads, pancakes, waffles, cereal, yogurt, an assortment of cheeses, eggs, cold cuts and fresh, seasonal fruit. 
Room service_ 18€

Ministigri platter_ 8€
Espresso, capuccino, tea or hot chocolate, fruit juice, fresh baguette and pastries or cereal and yogurt.
Room service_ 12€


Pamper yourself...

Thanks to personalized attention based on your whims: Champagne in your room, reservations to a Paris concert or show, recommendations of off-the-beaten-track addresses and unexpected strolls through the city, we're always available to help so your visit with us is a wonderful as possible.